I dedicate this page to all my Canadian cousins.
All the men below are brothers with one other Thomas making seven. George and Emanuel (my great grandfather) remained in England while Charles, William, Henry and John emigrated to Canada in the 1870-90 period. Thanks to family history we have learnt of each others existence again after several generations apart and too much time! More of our family surface as we find them or they find us! My thanks go to Ivan Bateman for the pictures of Charles and John. No doubt more pictures will come into my posession over time and I will publish them on this page. Where possible, I have done a "then and now" and included a descendant of the respective brother. Tell me what you think...

Elizabeth Noyes
Thought to be Elizabeth Noyes nee Ward
grandmother of the brothers below

Charles Noyes Charles Noyes and family
Charles Noyes
Charles Noyes and family

Then... John Noyes Now... George Noyes and family
  John Noyes

George Noyes and family
great grandson of John

William Noyes William Noyes and family William Noyes and family
William Noyes
William Noyes and family William Noyes and family #2

Then... Henry Noyes Now... Chris Noyes and family
  Henry Noyes
1855-1930 and family

Chris Noyes and family
great grandson of Henry

George Noyes George Noyes
George Noyes
George Noyes
and wife Jane


Emanuel Noyes

Emanuel Noyes and family


Stuart Noyes and family

  Emanuel Noyes
Emanuel Noyes and family  

Stuart Noyes and family
Great grandson of Emanuel

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