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Not being terribly good at talking about myself, yet a cousin has expressed a need for something about me on this site this is my attempt at giving you some insight into the person behind much of the research and upkeep of this web site.

I am in my early thirties, married to Carol with one son currently, Thomas (we hope to increase our brood soon). We live in Andover, Hampshire England which is the original Noyes capital of the world! For a living, I maintain personal computers within the corporate environment. Now here comes the interesting stuff that defines me as an individual. From an early age I was interested in all things living/ nature. Relatives on my mothers' side farm just north of Ramridge Manor and it was here that the happiest times of my childhood were spent. My favourite toys were farm stuff until I developed an interest for railways which I have suffered from ever since. I became interested in computers around the age of 14. I took up cycling within a club in my mid teens after having spent most Sunday afternoons out with my father on our bikes from my age of six. However, not being a competetive sort of guy, gave this up and just did it for fun again. My first form of motorized transport was a motorcycle and I rode various bikes for four years. I spent two years sailing at weekends with a work colleague and then met my wife to be. It was on my Dad's 65th birthday that I did my first genealogy and managed to uncover three generations in one day. Over the next two years I worked very hard on this and basically discovered the roots of my family going back 500 years. I think that's just about me in a nutshell.

Below are pictures of some of my passions. Train spotters or rail enthusiasts are called "anoraks" in Britain, which means boring fart. I am not responsible for what people think of me or my hobbies. And to answer one question that may arise, yes my wife is long suffering.

My own addition to the Noyes family and apple of my eye, Thomas Charles Noyes.
This is a British steam locomotive formerly of the London Midland and Scottish Company, which is my favourite company of the "big four". It is a member of the Jubilee class, numbered 45554 named "Ontario". Although not the best picture, I have picked this one in honour of my Canadian cousins who mostly live in Ontario.
An image of a class 47 diesel locomotive from the British Rail "Blue" era. I cut my teeth on this type of locomotive during the mid-eighties. This image is from the excellent site owned by Steve Jones
In recent years I have developed a taste for American Railroads. This picture is of F7A and B locomotives of the Santa Fe railroad which really was responsible for grabbing my interest.

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