Urchfont church Urchfont church, Wiltshire. At least six of my own ancestors were christened here. The Noyes family arrived in Urchfont c1499 and members still lived there in the 19th century.
St Andrews church Farlington St Andrews church, Farlington, Hampshire. This is where my great x4 grandfather William Crook Noyes married Elizabeth Evans in 1781
Littleton Manor Littleton Manor, Kimpton, Hampshire. Ancestral home of the descendants of James and Nicholas Noyes, the American emigrants
East Mascalls House East Mascalls House near Lindfield, Sussex. Home of the Noyes branch that left Weyhill and lived for a while at Trunkwell House, Shinfield, Berkshire. I appologise for the fold across the centre, I got this picture from an estate agents details sheet.
Trunkwell House This is Trunkwell House built in the 19th Century. A branch of the Noyes family lived at Trunkwell c1600 and this house maybe built on the same site as the original.
Noyes Farm #1 Noyes Farmhouse in the parish of Laxfield, Suffolk. The Lay Subsidy taxation records listed two land holders named Noysse in 1327 in this parish.
Noyes Farm #2 The name Noyes up in lights?
John Noyes Memorial The memorial to John Noyes on the Baptist Church in Laxfield.

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