Alumni Oxonienses

By Joseph Foster

1500 - 1714

Noyes Adam of Wilts pleb. BALLIOL COLL, matric 01st July 1587 aged 16, BA. From BROADGATES HALL 10th May 1593, rector of Woodborough Wilts, 1597, father of John 164. See Fosters Index Eccl

Noyes Benjamin, s. Edw., of Marlborough Wilts, paup. QUEENíS COLL., matric. 6 March, 1709-10 , aged 18, B.A. 1713; vicar of Alton Pancras 1723, and of Winterbourne St Martin, Dorset 1725, See Forsterís Index Eccl.

Noyes Edward, s. Edward, Shawborne, Wilts, pleb. NEW COLL., metric. 7 December 1666 aged 18.

Noyes John of Berks, gent. BALLIOL COLL., matric 07th November 1606 aged 16; perhaps student of Lincolnís Inn 1611, as soon of Peter, of Andover, Hants. See Fosterís Inns of Court Reg.

Noyes John, s. Adam, of Woodborough Wilts, sacred. HART HALL matric. 26th November 1641, aged 16.

Noyes Natan, of co. Worcester, cler. Fil. LINCOLN COLL, matric 19 May 1615, aged 17; BA 26 October 1616 rector of Choldrington, Wilts, 1622. See Fosterís Index Eccl.

Noyes, Nathaniel, cler. Fil. NEW COLL, matric 9 December 1650 (subscribes Nathan), chaplain by the parliamentary visitors 1649. See Currows, 534,544

Noyes Samuel; fellow KINGíS COLLGE, Cambridge, BA 1683-4 (incorporated 14 July 1684), MA 1687, DD. 1709 rector of Berkhampstead St. Mary, Herts 1708 canon of Winchester 1731-40. See Fosterís Index Eccl.

Noyes William of Wilts, pleb. UNIVERSITY COLL, matric, 15th November 1588 aged 20; BA 31 May 1592, rector of Choldrington, Wilts, 1602. See Foster's Index Eccl.

Noyes William of Hants, gent. MAGDALEN HALL, matric, 21st June 1616 aged 18; BA 04th July 1617, MA 17 May 1620, rector of Trimingham Norfolk 1637.See Foster's Index Eccl

Noyes William of Wilts, pleb. ST ALBAN HALL, matric. 16 November 1621 aged 18; BA from CHRIST CHURCH 13 December 1624; MA from CORUS CHRISTI COLL 05 July 1628, rector of Sherfield English, Hants, 1661. See Foster's Index Eccl.

Noyes, William s. William of Erchfont, Wilts, gent. LINCOLN COLL, matric. 24 October 1628, aged 15, student of Middle Temple 1630. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg.

1715 - 1826

Noyes, Eliot Warburton, 3s. Henry George of Lee, Kent, rm. ORIEL COLL, matric 15 October 1879 aged 19.

Noyes Harry, 1S. Samuel Frederic, of Lond, arm. ST JOHNíS COLL. Matric 12 December 1865 aged 18. BA 1869

Noyes John Haighton, 2s. Henry Crine, of Hythe, near Southampton arm. BALLIOL COLL, martric 23rd October 1849 aged 17; Blundell scholar 1849-51

Noyes Robert, s. Philip, of Stert, wilts, pleb. MAGDALEN HALL, matric 14 May 1730 aged 19; BA from WADHAM COLL 1734.

Noyes Thomas Herbert, s. William, of Berkhampsted, Herts, gent. HERTFORD COLL, matric 16th Feb 1743-4 aged 16 bar at law Middle Temple 1750.

Noyes, Thomas Herbert s. Thomas Herbert of Berkhampstead, Herts, arm. Christ Church, matric 16 Dec 1775 aged 17 a student B.A 1779 M.A 1782 Vicar of Bath-Easton, Somerset, Dec 1797 until his death 8th Aug 1812.

Noyes, Thomas Herbert 1s Thomas Herbert of Bath-Easton, Somerset cler. Christ Church matric 21 May 1819 aged 18 .B.A 1823 F.G.S bar at law Lincolns Inn 1830 See Fosterís Men at the Bar.

Noyes, Thomas Herbert 1s Thomas Herbert of Gaddesden, Herts. Arm Christ Church, matric 11 dec 1845 aged 18 B.A 1849 J.P Sussex student of Lincolns Inn 1853 See Rugby School Register 241.

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